This term refers to damage to the mitochondria in the cell.

A few years ago the scientific opinion that these are rare inherited disorders was dominant. These days the opinion that many metabolic disorders are caused by a mutation in the mitochondrial genome or by a disturbance in the mitochondrial energy generation is dominating.

The mitochondrion is a subcellular cell organelle with its own genome in the form of an annular DNA. It is the powerhouse of the cell.

There are about 60-70 kg per day ATP (ATP is the substance from which the cell draws its energy) produced.

The cells contain hundreds to thousands of mitochondria, depending on how high their energy needs are. Logically cells, that consume a lot of energy, have a lot of mitochondria, e.g. the retina, neurons, muscle cells, esp. the cardiac muscle, sensory organs and hormone producing organs.

Moreover, the mitochondria are responsible for the formation of important products of metabolism.

By taking damage the energy production and the metabolic performance is reduced.

The causes are manifold.

The exposure caused by free oxygen radicals (oxidative stress), or by nitric oxide (Nitro stress) certainly plays a central role, but environmental toxins and chronic Infections have a great damage potential as well.

As secured triggers are also known psychological stress and instability of the cervical spine. Medications play an important role, too.

The clinical symptoms occur depending on the trigger and genetic predisposition in different forms. This made the diagnostic classification previously very difficult.

Typical diseases that are associated with a mitochondrial, are: ADHD, atherosclerosis, depression, chronic immune deficiency, diabetes mellitus, cancer, age-related macular degeneration, eczema, thyroid disease, chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MCS (mult. Chem. Sensitivity) and disorders of the hormonal system, etc.

A successful therapy can only be multi-causal. This infection remains to be tested and treated by the EAV, antioxidants added in the form of vitamins, trace elements and vitaminoids, negative factors such as interference and scars are treated, dental foci rehabilitated and not least a mental curative treatment is recommended.

Thus, for every patient an individual therapy concept is modeled.

Because it is a long term existing chronic happening in all cases, a treatment period of weeks to months is usually necessary.