Chelate Therapy

Chelates are used in medicine for many years in acute heavy metal poisoning.

And much more heavy metals like lead, mercury are stored in the body and accumulate over the years in various tissues from.

Chron. Metal pollution are today noted with increasing frequency and are in their effect, especially in the presence of several metals, greatly underestimated.

Before industrialization the stress of the urban population was 500 - 1000 times smaller than today.

Metals promote the formation of free radicals that can lead to cell damage and inflammation.

They displace minerals and trace elements from their enzyme bonds, so that the metabolism is blocked.

The result is a wide variety of diseases.

The power plants of the cell, the mitochondria are damaged (see also mitochondrial).

See Holistic Therapists in diseases such as learning disabilities in children, eczema, cancer, candida (yeast) infections, chron. Fatigue, atherosclerosis and diseases of the nervous system associated with a chronic heavy metal contamination