About us

I run a private practice  in Stuttgart for general medicine and naturopathy.

My goal is your personal wellbeing!  

Chronic diseases occur over many years and always have a variety of causes.

The model of the rain barrel represents this vividly. 

Over a lifetime, there are many things that can damage a person. This begins in the womb, where heavy metals overcome the placental barrier and harm the infant.

Throughout life chemical toxins, virus - and bacterial infections and heavy metals from various sources are added to the human body. Then the famous straw that breaks the camel's back is sufficient to trigger the disease.

Causes are then mostly psychological stress or an acute infection.

My therapy is to bring the body back into balance.

I achieve this by various detoxifying process and immunomodulatory therapies.

A variety of testing procedures such as the Global Diagnostics and   elec. System diagnostic according to Voll, stool flora analysis, and of course all known from conventional medicine procedures are used.

In particular, the immune system learns special attention here.

Although my goal is to achieve a cure by activating the self-healing powers, a parallel treatment with allopathic drugs is required in advanced diseases. However, this takes place as low as possible dosed and only with bioidentical preparations.